World Cup Football Kits

World Cup Football Kits

Posted in Latest News by Sports Ultima on April 04th 2018
Every other summer, nations around the world seem to come to a standstill. Homes, cafes and pubs are all packed out as people are gripped by what is taking place on television. Shouts of joy will ring throughout the air, but so will cries of despair, perhaps even anger. In less than 3 months time, the eyes of every football fan will no doubt be firmly glued to the television screen as the World Cup will be in full swing.

Watching the matches, these people may be sporting the World Cup football kits of their own national team. They may even be wearing shirts of a national team that is not representative of where they’re from – they may know someone who is from there, they may have extended family there, they may even just be a supporter of a particular player who plays for them, or are simply drawn to the side for their attractive play.

Whatever the reason, the wearing of a football shirt (and sometimes shorts and socks!) is something that many of us cannot resist when the World Cup rolls around. But why is this?

The Wearing of World Cup Football Kits

Before we look at why people wear the shirt of their favourite team, we have to look at why people like to watch football; it is after all, just 22 players kicking a ball about a field, isn’t it? For some people, they get behind their team because of the pride they feel about the place where they’re from, for others it is because they can get a taste of success. Regardless of the reason, for any of these groups, football provides them with a collective experience. It gives them the chance to express themselves with like-minded people, as they get wrapped up in the drama provided by football (which is more than just 22 players kicking a ball about a field, by the way).

The reason why many of us wear our World Cup football kits, regardless if we support England, Portugal, France, or whoever, is that it helps us to feel a part of our particular collective. It allows us to group together, even with people we don’t even know, in a public place and get chatting about what is happening on the telly that we’re watching. There may even be some who (gasp) are not even regular football supporters but have nevertheless, been enraptured by the experience that this collectivity brings.

More often than not, the shirt we’re wearing is the same as what the players are wearing, as they make tackles, shoot for goal and just generally run about. A football shirt gets us involved with the drama, pulling us into the screen like a magnet or a magical ticket, even though we’re thousands of miles away in a bar in Reading, or wherever. A football shirt is like an indoctrinate into a secret club, without the potentially degrading initiation ceremony. You could even say that it’s like a superhero suit. Is Spiderman, truly Spiderman without his suit? Probably not and without one, could we really experience the same feelings during this summer’s tournament without the wearing of our team’s shirt?

Sportsultima’s Range of World Cup Football Shirts

If you’re looking to experience that collectiveness during this summer’s World Cup, why not browse our wide range of football shirts and accessories here at Sportsultima? Amongst our World Cup football kits range, we have the latest strips from England, Portugal, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Argentina and many more.

All of our replica shirts are officially licensed and therefore are made from the highest quality materials as possible that ensure durable, long-term wear whether you’re watching the match, are having a kickabout yourself or are just simply out-and-about. We will have something for any dedicated fan.

Have Any Questions? Contact Sportsultima Today

Please browse our World Cup football kits range and click on each product to see further information on their materials, sizing and how to order. If you have any questions about any aspect of our product range, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly today – send us an e-mail through our contact page.


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