Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite

Posted in Latest News by Sportultima on May 31st 2018

Will The Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite Fire Spain Back To World Cup Glory In Russia?

There can be no doubting that the team to beat during the last decade has been Spain. Winning three major tournaments in a row between 2008-2012, they have constantly figured at the latter end of subsequent competitions.
Much of their success has been down to the production lines of their two most famous clubs; Barcelona and Real Madrid. With many of their players likely to be taking to the field in the brilliant Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite football boots, can they fire their country back to glory?

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite - A Modern Classic

The Tiempo brand has been a staple of Nike for many years now; worn by professionals and amateurs alike, they offer an increase in comfort, combining it with great durability. The fact that it is still one of Nike's most popular brands, should point to its high qualities.
You could say that the boots' hard wearing qualities makes them a great all-rounder; perfect for a player who likes to involve themselves in the play, putting in a number of tackles. This makes them ideal for the two staples of the Spanish defence - Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique.
The pair, who unsurprisingly play for Real and Barca respectively, are often said to be amongst the best defenders in the world - needing a firm grip, the ability to control the ball and to win it back in tackles, the quality of their boots is vital. This is why they wear Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite football boots.

How Well Can Spain Do In The World Cup In Russia?

Although still one of the top favourites, Spain are still seen by many to be 'outsiders', with Germany, Brazil and France heavily fancied instead. Although the likes of Andres Iniesta and perhaps his Barca teammate, Sergio Busquets, playing at their final World Cup, expect them to be dominating the ball during their matches. With someone with the 'explosive nature' of Diego Costa prowling around that forward line, they will be a threat to any side in the tournament. 
Much will depend then, on how they can circulate the ball around the team;from defence to attack, they are lauded for their control of games. Even goalkeeper, David De Gea (another wearer of Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite football boots) will be expected to get transitions moving for his side from the back. The bottom line is that if Spain can control the play in the latter stages, whilst staying strong in defence with Ramos and Pique bringing the ball out into midfield, then they may have too much for their opponents. We look forward to finding out!

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