Nike Magista Obra II Elite

Nike Magista Obra II Elite

Posted in Latest News by Sportsultima on June 08th 2018
There's no doubting that an orchestra plays beautiful, diverse music - with so many instruments played by different people with unique skills, they're bound to, really. This same analogy can be given to a football side - any team that has a strong defence won't concede many and if the forward line is half as good, they'll score plenty of goals at the other end. The midfield then can be said to be the 'orchestrator' of a football team as they direct the ball between defence and midfield. They'll be helped this summer by Nike Magista Obra II Elite football boots.

Nike Magista Obra II Elite - Pivotal For Some Teams' World Cup Hopes?

The impact of this brand of boots may be pivotal for some of the teams at the World Cup - worn by the likes of Andres Iniesta, Christian Eriksen and Kevin De Bruyne, they provide the wearer with increased close control and deftness of touch.
The Nike Magista range is renowned for its close-fitting Flyknit inner that is able to mould itself to the wearer's foot like a sock. This gives them the chance to be 'at one' with the boots, providing them with an ease of wear that helps them to control and pass the ball quickly and skilfully.
Another key feature of the Nike Magista Obra II Elite football boots is the inclusion of a dynamic fit collar that supports the ankle, thanks to the material being made from Flyknit also. Ideal for those midfielders who have to make quick twists and turns away from defenders, as well as putting in the odd tackle to win the ball back!

The Midfield Maestros At The World Cup

As mentioned, here are some of the midfield maestros to look out for in the 2018 World Cup:

  • Andres Iniesta - Look up 'midfield maestro' in the dictionary and you will see a picture of Andes Iniesta (actually you probably won't - a dictionary should just have words in) but after over a decade running the Barcelona and Spanish midfields, he is one of the most decorated and celebrated footballers in history. The 2018 World Cup is likely to be his swansong as an international and going out with a second winner's medal would top off an unbelievable career.

  • Christian Eriksen - As the player who creates opportunities for his team, Danish hopes will be pinned on the Tottenham attacking midfielder to at leat get them out of their group at the World Cup. Quick, slick and sick (as the kids say) Eriksen is no stranger to hitting the back of the net himself for club and country, wearing his Nike Magsita Obra II Elite football boots. His team's opponents will be wary of being caught on the break with someone of his abilities around.

  • Kevin De Bruyne - Arguably the best player in last season's Premier League, Manchester City and Belgium's Kevin De Bruyne can play in a multitude of positions in attacking midfield; finding space to slip the ball through to the strikers or dropping his shoulder and firing in a strike himself. Unfortunately for England (who are amongst Belgium's Group G opponents), his side have a vast array of talent that would benefit from De Bruyne's skill. Oh dear.

Sportsultima's Range Of Nike Football Boots And Accessories

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