New Nike Mercurial Football Boots

New Nike Mercurial Football Boots

Posted in Latest News by Sports Ultima on March 02nd 2018

New Nike Mercurial Football Boots: Set To Make An Impact For Russia 2018

We’re now in what is known as ‘the business end’ of the domestic football season; it’s getting closer to league titles being decided, promotions to be won, relegations to be avoided and cups to be lifted. Then, of course, there’s the little matter of a World Cup this summer in Russia!
So with plenty of football to be played over the coming months, players at all levels will be looking for that extra something that can help them to make the difference in those tight games – enter a new range of Nike mercurial football boots.

Brand-New Nike Mercurial Football Boots For 2018

The Nike Mercurial has been the football boots of choice for many a top player throughout the last few years – the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar scoring goal after goal in them for club and country. The range is famous for their close-fit and comfortable, secure wear that allows for quick players to take the ball on at pace and turn away from their opponents. Innovative, creative players need an innovative and creative brand that is able to continue to improve – something that the Mercurial range is notable for. This is why they have recently released the brand new Superfly 360 and Vapor 360 series’.

These new boots take advantage of all the classic benefits of other Nike Mercurial Football Boots as well as introducing a new wrap-around Flyknit upper that has been designed to respond effortlessly to the movements of the foot and the ankle. The soft, one-piece internal lining that’s present in both the Superfly and the Vapor 360 boots have been purposely designed to minimise the number of boot components, allowing for a more comfortable fit. Nike Football’s Senior Design Director, Jeongwoo Lee, said of the product launch: “Mercurial is best when it’s minimal and streamlined, design done right doesn’t require excess parts.”

Another improved design feature, that will undoubtedly help a player to turn at pace, is the traction of the boot; with its studs that have been precisely placed in the forefoot and heel. Interestingly, Design Director Lee said that his team were ‘inspired by the agility of cheetahs’ and so they focused the boots’ traction on speed (like a cheetahs paw), which explains the need to go for a more minimalist approach.

With a World Cup on the way, Ronaldo himself is particularly pleased with his new Nike Mercurial Football Boots, commenting “My first reaction when I saw the new Mercurial was...the best boots ever! They fit straight away. The material, the design, the new technology, it’s amazing”. We’ll look forward to seeing them in action during the rest of the domestic season and throughout the World Cup, then!

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