Hypervenom Phantom III Elite

Hypervenom Phantom III Elite

Posted in Latest News by Sportsultima on June 01st 2018

Will the 2018 World Cup Be Dominated By Strikers Wearing Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite?

Let's do a quick word association quiz here - when we mention the words 'agility', 'power', 'traction' and 'deception' - what position on the football field do you think of?
No, not the goalkeeper (a deceptive goalkeeper is not what anyone needs!)
If you said 'striker' then you would be correct! Any top goalscorer will need those attributes to get themselves in great positions to score goals. Offering to accentuate these characteristics, is the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite - they are simply deadly in front of goal.

The Striking Qualities Of Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite Football Boots

Being a striker, you will need to have the ability to turn quickly away from opposing defenders in order to get shots off with enough swerve and power to beat the goalkeeper. With World Cup players such as Poland's Robert Lewandowski, France's Kylian Mbappe, Argentina's Gonzalo Higuain  and England's Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford all sporting Nike Hypervenom's, expect to see this great boot have a big impact on this summer's extravaganza.
What makes Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Elite football boots ideal for strikers is the increased level of stability provided, thanks to the special design of the upper that moulds itself to the foot of the wearer. Then there are the integrated cables within the laces that keep them in place, regardless of the conditions. Ideal if you need to move at pace in the rain.
In terms of traction, the boots use an 'anti-clog' device in the sole plate that prevents mud or turf from sticking to the boots, providing a stale footing for the wearer. Additionally, the footplate is made from a flexible hybrid material that allows for agile movement in all direction - with some of these players moving as fast as they do, this added ability is no doubt welcome!

Who Will Be The Top Striker In The World Cup?

The golden boot is the award that is given to the top goalscorer in the World Cup - more often than not, it goes to a player from a team who hasn't even made it to the final. As such, much though is placed into predicting who it will be - let's have a look at some of the players we've already mentioned:
  • Harry Kane - England's captain has had an amazing couple of years; from a Tottenham youth player to top Premier League goalscorer in just a few seasons. Despite being a relatively young age for a captain (24) Kane's style of play is that of a vastly-experienced professional. His maturity will come in handy for England, as the squad will be the third youngest at the tournament. Great in the air, even better on the ground, if England's young lions can feed the ball to their captain, he will score goals in his Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Elite football boots. A dark horse (or lion) for the golden boot if ever we saw one.

  • Robert Lewandowski - Another striking captain (who Kane would do no worse in emulating) is the experienced Pole, Robert Lewandowski. Still only 29 (even though it seems like he's been around forever) the Bayern Munich star is another dark horse for the golden boot - similar to Kane in his style of play, if a little more deceptive, he has a habit of popping up inside the box when you're least expecting it. If Poland manage to do well, expect Lewandowski to be partly responsible.

  • Kylian Mbappe - Whether it's Pele at the 1950 World Cup, Toto Schilaci in 1990 or even Michael Owen in 1998, a young striker will hit the the headlines and be dubbed as a 'breakout star'. With the internet and digital television giving us access to information and the opportunity to view leagues from all over the world these days, this notion has been somewhat made redundant for most of us. For the irregular football viewer, however, it may still hold some surprises. At 19, France's Kylian Mbappe is already one of world football's hottest properties - skilful, quick, agile and with hungry eyes for goal, the on-loan PSG man has been given the number 10 shirt for his country, who expect great things. He could be a good shout for the golden boot too if France do well in the tournament.

Sportsultima's Range Of Football Boots

Searching for a pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite football boots to help to improve your performance on the pitch? Here at Sports Ultima, we are delighted to offer a wide range of Nike football boots that will fill all of your requirements and more. Able to be used on different surfaces, a pair of Nike Hypervenom football boots are perfect if you're looking to improve your balance.
Aside from our range of football boots, we also have a wide selection of World Cup and club football shirts - please browse our range to see more information.
If you have any questions that you'd like to ask about our service, then please feel free to get in touch via the form located on our contact page.

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