Adidas Cold Blooded Football Boots

Adidas Cold Blooded Football Boots

Posted in Latest News by Sports Ultima on January 26th 2018

Adidas Cold Blooded Football Boots – New For 2018

January is an exciting time for football; we’re halfway through the season, league tables are taking shape, cup competitions are in full swing – and the transfer window is open, reflecting rumour and intrigue as players move from club-to-club. Whilst we all get excited (and no doubt, fret) about the chances of our particular sides, the added bonus in 2018, of course, is this summer’s World Cup.

So with plenty of football to play, players, clubs and fans alike will be hoping that they can have the edge to win games – enter the brand-new Adidas Cold Blooded football boots.

Adidas Cold Blooded Football Boots: Making The Difference In 2018

Much thought is placed into the creation of modern football boots – you could actually label it as a scientific art. Seeking that extra 1% that will help them to improve their games – whether it’s for a closer, more-comfortable fit, better ankle support, an increased ability to control the ball or to strike it better – professionals and amateur players alike will be searching high and low for their perfect pair.

Adidas’ new Cold Blooded range contains new takes on their most popular boots – worn by some of the world’s top players, they will no doubt see plenty of action throughout the remainder of the season and then by the world’s best, in Russia in the summer.

Combining functionality with style, the brand-new Adidas Cold Blooded football boots range, includes:

  • Adidas Predator. A much-loved pair, the recent re-launch of Adidas’ Predator range has seen these classic boots gain in popularity amongst a new generation of players. Worn by the likes of Paul Pogba, who will no doubt be tearing up the midfield for Manchester United and France in 2018, they offer a comfortable wear, yet a powerful strike. The new Predator Cold Blooded edition combines a main colouring of white, with the distinctive Predator branding of red and black.
  • Adidas Nemeziz. From the classic to the new; a recent addition to the Adidas brand, the Nemeziz has proven to be an instant hit amongst professionals and amateur players alike. You may have seen Lionel Messi champion these particular boots recently, as he slips home yet another hat-trick past a beleaguered goalkeeper. Look out for them at the World Cup. This particular range of Adidas Cold Blooded football boots combines different shades of a pink-red colour – giving the wearer great comfort, yet the eye-catching style deserving of such great players.
  • Adidas X. Any player that relies on pace and trickery to get away from opposition defences will need a pair of close-fitting boots that will allow for deft close-control. This is precisely what the Adidas X gives to players such as Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale, Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus and Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah. The new cold bloodied Adidas X range is similar in look to its Predator cousin, with its main white colour and red and black applications. 
  • Adidas Copa. When it comes to re-imaging classic brands, the Adidas Copa has persevered throughout the last three decades thanks to its great all-round qualities and hard-wearing durability. The new Adidas Copa Cold Blooded edition portrays its classic status through its black colouring, with the instantly recognisable three white stripes with further red applications rounding off its look.

Looking For New Football Boots? Choose Sportsultima

If you’re looking to improve your game with the latest Adidas football boots, emulating your favourite players, then you’ve found the right place here at Sportsultima. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers only the latest and best products on the market – whether that’s football boots, replica shirts, training wear or any other equipment that you may need. From adults to children, we will have something amongst our vast product range that will be able to make the difference in your game. All our products are 100% official and can be delivered worldwide.

Please browse around our range of Adidas Cold Blooded football boots for more on their individual properties. If you’d like more information on our products or service, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us by visiting our contact page.

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